Prince of Wales: Greece is in my blood

Prince Charles to visit Greece on May 9 with Camila Parker Bowles

The Prince of Wales, Charles used warm words talking about Greece in an interview with newspaper Kathimerini. A few hours before his first official visit to Greece wth Camila Parker Bowles (the two are currently in France) the Prince spoke fondness about Greece and his special relationship with the land.
“Among other things, Greece is in my blood and I have been fascinated for a long time by its culture and history, and I am particularly lucky to have visited some of its most beautiful and unique places,” he told Kathimerini.
The successor to the British throne added that it was his recommendation that his School of Traditional Arts has created programs in Great Britain where the art of hagiography was taught to students, “which is of course an important part of Greek culture and Orthodox Greek religious expression”.
“Knowing that Greece and many Greeks have been experiencing difficulties in recent years, I wanted to find a way, even if it is small and limited, to help young people in the country develop their full potential, either through vocational training or by supporting them to start their own businesses. My charity organisation “Prince’s Trust” has been focusing on this subject for forty-two years in Great Britain and recently abroad. Conscious of the difficult situation of the Greeks, I thought that perhaps the experience we have accumulated over the years might be useful in some way to overcome the challenges that such a special country is facing”.

The couple will arrive in Athens on May 9 for their 3-day visit, where they will attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier before receiving an official welcome at the Presidential Mansion and Prime Minister’s Residence.
During their stay in the Greek capital, the prince will also lay a wreath at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery before the couple carry out a number of other engagements to celebrate the UK and Greece’s longstanding maritime relationship.
Their first official tour of Greece will also celebrate youth opportunity and the countries’ charitable and education connections.

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