Pro Macedonia rally tomorrow in central Athens

Two groups protest against the government deal with FYROM

The “Committee for the defence of the rights of the Greek minority in FYROM” and the” Committee for the defence of the Greekness of Macedonia” are organising a rally on Friday, June 15 at Syntagma Square in protest of the deal between the Greek government and FYROM on the name dispute. The gathering is scheduled to start at 10 am in the morning and the two groups issued a press statement accusing the government of “attempting to put our national signature on the criminal concession of our history, language and culture, burying the uniqueness of our name through its assignment to Skopje “.

The Committee speaks of organised betrayed, while it points its fingers at the President of the Republic.

“Even Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos, with his full intransigence, acceptance and supportive attitude towards the governmental choice, is becoming complicit in the crime,” the statement said.

The groups raise the issue of the legitimacy of the government saying: “it is selling out the name of Macedonia”, as only a part of it supports the agreement, as Mr Kammenos has made his objecting stance public. “By putting our signature on such an embarrassing agreement we are giving in writing our approval to the Skopjans to call themselves “Macedonians” and their language “Macedonian”.