Turkish media: Hostage situation in Istanbul ended, 2 suspects shot dead

Berkin Elvan was a 15-year-old Turkish boy who was hit on the head by a tear-gas canister fired by a police officer in Istanbul

A Turkish prosecutor held hostage by two far-left gunmen has been freed after a police operation in Istanbul, while the two suspects were killed, according to local media groups.

The hostage situation was played out at Istanbul’s Çağlayan courthouse on Tuesday evening..

Mehmet Selim Kiraz, a public prosecutor leading the probe into the death of Gezi protests victim Berkin Elvan, had been taken hostage by members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party–Front (DHKP/C).

Images were circulated on the Internet showing a man holding a gun to the head of Kiraz.

Berkin Elvan was a 15-year-old Istanbul boy who was hit on the head by a tear-gas cannister fired by police in Istanbul while out to buy bread for his family, amid the June 2013 anti-government protests in Turkey.

He died on March 11, 2014, following a 269-day coma.

Since then, Elvan has become an icon for far-leftists in the country.