‘Protothema.gr’ enters the inaccessible Tomb of Christ before Easter! (exclusive videos)

Candles light only in the presence of Greek Orthodox Bishop

Every year a day before Orthodox Easter, Orthodox Christians around the world rejoice as the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem emerges from the Holy Sepulchre, where the tomb of Christ is, with 33 candles mysteriously lit in the tomb, bringing the message of the resurrection of the Lord to the world. The Holy Light, as it is called is then passed on to all the pilgrims and tom there travels around the globe. That day is the culmination of the Holy Week for Orthodox Christianity, with many o the lucky pilgrims who have traveled to the Holy lands patiently waiting outside the doors of Christ’s tombs to experience the unique moment. Protothema.gr was given permission to enter the Holy Tomb and talk with one of the monks assigned with safeguarding the the shrine.

Miracles in Tomb

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