Rare 6th century BC stolen Greek coin returned from Switzerland (pics)

Greek and Swiss authorities collaborate in efforts

A rare ancient Greek silver coin dating from the 6th Century BC  was repatriated, after  the Swiss Penal Court ruled it was illegally removed from Greece and ordered its seizure and return to the country of origin. The ‘Octodrachm’ coin is attributed to King of the Bisaltae Mosses and was traced in September 2009 from the newly set up Directorate of Documentation and Protection of Cultural Goods on an auction house site (Numismatica Ars Classica NAG AG). Following concerted efforts by the Greek Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the Swiss Federal Penal Court, Swiss authorities satisfied Greece’s appeal for judicial assistance and ordered its repatriation. Ancient Bisaltae (from where the coin was stolen) was located west of Strymonas in central Macedonia.



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