Refugee crisis: Situation out of control with one dead girl at Hellinikon and a stabbing at Polykastro hotspot

Relations between EU and Turkey strained over crisis

The situation at the refugee hotspots in Greece is becoming increasingly dire, as violent incidents are cropping up all over the reception centres, while living conditions are dramatic. The latest incident involved the death of a 17-year old girl from Syria at the Hellinikon hotspot, who died at hospital after exhaustion, Tuesday. The girl was on a life support system at hospital from the 10th of April, but finally died. 5 Mayors of the surrounding municipalities called on PM Alexis Tsipras to take immediate measures, informing him of the great health risk for refugees and their citizens due to unsanitary conditions at Hellinikon hotspot. Alternate Minister on Migration Giannis Mouzalas said that the Greek authorities could handle 50,000-60,000 refugees, but the living conditions and reality at the organised reception centres is proving him wrong. Another violent incident at the Polykastro hotspot in Nea Kavala, northern Greece, resulted in a Syrian refugee getting injured in clashes and being transferred to Kilkis hospital for treatment. According to reports, clashes broke out among the 4,000 refugees hosted at the reception centre and he was injured when knives and sharp objects were used. The Syrian refugee was stabbed in the neck and he is in critical condition. Meanwhile, the official EU funding of 8 recognised NGOs in Greece has started flowing with 83 million Euros released out of the total 700 million earmarked for that purpose. Greece officially hosts 54,000 refugees and illegal migrants at the hotspots, while the refuge flows from Turkey have dwindled and are stabilised. Shipping & Island Policy Minister Thodoris Dritsas said the evacuation of refugees at the port of Piraeus will continue subject to the speed of new spots at the Skaramanga hotspot. At the same relations between the EU and Turkey are strained because of the refugee crisis, as both sides accuse each other of not implementing the agreed deal signed between them on the refugee crisis.