Refugees and illegal immigrants camp outside Greek parliament (photo)

The mainly Afghan and Iraqi refugees and illegal immigrants were moved out of Exarchia

Refugees and illegal immigrants have camped outside the Greek parliament at Syntagma Square in Athens.
The illegal immigrants and refugees, predominantly from Afghanistan and Iraq moved into the upper part of the square following their expulsion from the district of Exarchia where they were squatting in deserted buildings.
Their “taking over” of Syntagma puts into question the Greek authority’s planning and operation in Exarchia, as it completely lacked any forethought and provisions for where they would be placed after the operation.

“We are refugees, homeless and were kicked out. We need a place to live”, a sign wrote outside one of the tents set up.

The shadow Minister for Public Order from major opposition party ND, Maximos Charakopoulos noted that “The only effect the notorious intervention in Exarchia, in occupied buildings, had was for the immigrants to encamp in Syntagma Square”.
Mr Charakopoulos accused the government of putting on a public stunt, in reference to the “mop up” operation in Exacrhia.