Reuters: Greek govt running out of options

According to the news agency…

Greece may have secured a four-month extension to its rescue program, but the chances it is able to pull through alone without any extra help are evaporating by the second, according to Reuters.


The news agency states that the pressure on Athens is rising in terms of implementation of agreed-upon reforms, even if the new Greek government is against them.


Reuters says Greece is excluded from the markets and facing shrinking tax revenues, which equates to a rising risk of running out of money by the end of March.

The flamboyant Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis, according to Reuters, has warned that Greece will have a hard time paying back its lenders.


The agency continues by stating that the new leftist SYRIZA government sought easy solutions but none were found. Eurozone officials hope that the liquidity crisis in the country will force PM Alexis Tsipras to agree with reform plans tabled by the lenders, before April.