Safety before sex -Pics of street walkers wearing …reflective jackets

They should be treated like construction workers

The sexy outfits worn by the ladies peddling sexual favors curbside is obviously a selling point to potential customers.

Unfortunately for the women, this might be about to change on a main road in Milan, Italy. The street walkers will be compelled to swap their halter tops for reflective protection jackets and trousers, or face a 500-euro fine.

The city is experiencing a boom in prostitution due to the 2015 Expo World Fair, with an estimated 15,000 extra sex workers having converged to provide their services for the more lustful visitors.

Prostitutes walking the streets on the road from Milan to Cremona have increased, and as the local authorities say, they present a safety hazard at night. “The prostitutes should be treated as employees who work on road construction and forced to wear clothes and make them visible”, says Luciano Sinigaglia, deputy mayor of the nearby town of Spino d’Adda.

Sex workers caught a second time without reflective clothing will be arrested. Maybe they should give them protective helmets too…