Sakis Rouvas wins Theater Award amid reactions

A bittersweet moment for Pop star Sakis Rouvas

The Karolos Koun Theater Awards ceremony was particularly eventful this year, due to the tension created by the jury’s decision to award pop star Sakis Rouvas for his performance in last year’s theatrical production of Euripides’ “Bacchae.”

The Greek singer, known to local fans simply as Sakis, was chosen by director Dimitris Lignadis to play Greek God Dionysus, a move that was considered bold due to the inexperience of the pop star.

The risk paid off and Rouvas was selected by the jury of this year’s Theatrical Awards as the winner in the category of ancient drama. However, when he went on stage to accept the award, voices of disapproval were heard from the audience, asking why the award was given to someone with no qualifications. Rouvas answered that he won the award because he gave his soul to this performance.

Apart from the audience negative comments, there were also some reactions on behalf of the actors. More specifically, legendary actress Chrysoula Diavati refused to receive her own award, noting that the jury chose to honor “pop stars” this year and therefore the Theatrical Awards are a farce.

Following the ceremony, Rouvas uploaded a photo of him posing with the award on Instagram, with the comment: “I dedicate it to all of you, with my soul!”



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