Schumacher ‘s medical records were stolen

Schumacher’s spokeswoman is threatening with legal action if any elements of the medical confidentiality be released

Unbelievable! They stole medical records of46 year old Formula 1 Ace, Michael Schumacher, according to his spokeswoman, Ms Sabine Khem.

In her brief statement Ms Khem said that documents concerning Schumacher’s health have disappeared!

The medical record indeed, is available for sale from someone who claims to hold the original medical notes of Schumacher, after his terrible accident on 29th of December last year, while he was skiing in the French Alps.

Schumacher’s spokeswoman from her side, is threatening with legal action if any of the elements of the medical confidentiality be released.

“For several days the stolen documents and items are for sale. The person behind this claims that the medical files belong to Michael Schumacher. We cannot judge whether the documents are authentic. However, the documents have clearly been stolen. The theft has been reported. The police have started investigations, “she said.

“We advise that both purchase and publication of these personal documents are prohibited. The content of medical records is completely private and confidential and may not be made available to the public, “added Ms Khem.
However, It is unclear whether these medical notes are from the Grenoble the hospital in France or the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Schumacher was moved from Grenoble to Lausanne on the 16th of June for his recovery. The 46year old driver is not able to speak or walk, despite reports and he seems to be going through some phases of consciousness.