Shocking: Two foreigners hang man in downtown Athens

Two man charged with manslaughter

Greek police have arrested two foreigners for reportedly hanging a man from a tree in broad daylight in downtown Athens, Saturday. The shocking news came to light, when an eyewitness informed police that the two men, a 35-year-old Pole, and a 52-year-old Ukrainian, were involved in a heated altercation with the third man, also reportedly a foreigner, before killing the victim by hanging him from a tree in Klafthmonos Square close to the Interior Ministry building. The two suspects, who were inebriated during their questioning by the police, denied any wrongdoing, claiming the victim had hanged himself and that they were trying to help him. Police were unconvinced and arrested the men based on the eyewitness’s account, who said they had made a makeshift noose and hanged him. The identity of the victim is unknown as no papers were found on him. The two suspects were charged with intentional manslaughter and were taken before the Prosecutor.