Shocking video: Russian girl jumps into turbulent river as part of “Blue Whale” challenge! (video)

Girls saved by three Russian men

Three young men in Russia’s south risked their lives to save a 15-year-old girl who jumped into a turbulent mountainous river as part of a controversial social media suicide game named the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Russian Caucasis, the website Kavkazsky Uzel have reported.
Video footage of the scenes shows three friends spotting the girl walking towards the swirling river and the shouting ”Stop! Stay right there. Wait”. The girl ignored their calls, however, and leapt into the water.
The three men followed her into the dangerous river and dragged her ashore.
She later told the men that she was trying to complete a stage in the game, the ‘Blue Whale’ game, that has been linked to a number of teenage suicides across the globe.
When asked if she knew that her actions could have killed her, she responded with ”yes” and laughed.
She also explains in the video that she enjoyed playing the game because ”it’s cool….it’s adrenaline”.