Smart condom measures sexual performance!

Thrust, girth and motion…

Imagine if you could measure you sexual performance with a gadget. Well we have good news for you. The i.Con Smart Condom, from British Condoms, markets itself as the “world’s first smart condom”. What makes the i.Con different from the garden variety condom you can buy at the drugstore? It is actually a ‘smart’ ring that fits over a standard dumb condom and tracks your sexual activity. It can also detect certain sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and syphilis, the maker claims.
The ring, is will be available on the British Condoms website for £59.99 (about Rs 5000) however the release date is unknown. The website says that the device is not yet available that they “are in the final stages of testing i.Con” and “aiming for general public release in 2017.” The device is not available in India but can be shipped from the UK. The i.Con ring will pair with an app on your smartphone that’ll let you view your sexual performance stats. What kind of stats? The website says the ring will tell answer the following questions:
Calories burnt during sexual intercourse: Like a FitBit does when you go for a run
Total number of thrusts: Like the step counter on your smartwatch
Frequency of sessions: Basically how many times you are having sex
Total duration of session: Pretty self explanatory

Girth measurement: ……
Speed of thrusts and average velocity of thrusts: Like some kind of IPL scoreboard
Different positions used (currently BETA testing – will have more info in a release coming soon): Like a personal Kamasutra tutor
Average skin temperature: Like a thermometer, but gross
The device also intends to gamify your sexual activity by ranking you against the world. That should be great for your self-esteem.
The ring, comes with a one-year warranty, will have a Micro-USB charging port to provide six to eight hours of “live” usage (the website doesn’t clarify what “live” exactly means). It will work with a combination of “nano-chip and sensors,” and pair with your device via Bluetooth.
CNET quoted British Condoms saying that the i.Con will be available in one size with a “band adjustment feature.”
If you worried about sharing data about your sexual activity to an app, British Condoms says “all data will be kept anonymous, but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world.”