Snow weather front “Leandros” continues to sweep across Greece

Extremely low temperatures have caused problems in many regions of the country

Snow weather front “Leandros” continues to sweep across the country with polar temperatures and snow, affecting the island of Lemnos from early Saturday night, continuing until today Sunday.

According to, the snowfall caused problems, such as falling trees, while the Fire Department rescued six people from their cars.

Problems were caused due to heavy snowfall on the road network of islands in the North Aegean. According to an announcement by the General Regional Police Directorate of the North Aegean, the traffic of vehicles has now been restored as per normal, except for the following points where special type tires or anti-skid chains are required:

In Lesvos, on the national road Plomari – Akrasiou, from the area Seladi to Akrasi and on the national road Plomari – Megalochori, from the area Seladi to Megalochori. In Lemnos, on the national road Myrinas – Kornou – Agios Dimitrios – Livadochori and on the national road Sardes – Dafnis – Katalakkou. In Chios, the traffic has been stopped on the national road Chios – Keramou, from the junction Sidirountas to Pityos, as well as on the road network of settlements of Northwest Chios, except for Volissos.

Many regions in the north and central Greece, parts of the Peloponnese, and even the mountains surrounding the Attica basin and the northern suburbs of Athens are also feeling the effects of the front. Temperatures dropped significantly. Some parts of the national Athens-Thessaloniki highway have been reportedly closed for heavy trucks since 5:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

Traffic has been halted in the roads leading to the mountains of Parnitha, Hymettus, and Penteli. In several parts of the mainland, traffic is allowed only with snow chains.

In Attica, snowfalls are expected in the mountains, semi-mountains, and north of the prefecture and rainfall or sleet in the other areas. The winds will blow from north directions up to 3 Beaufort and temporarily at noon 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 Beaufort. The temperature in the centre of the capital will range from 2 to 6 degrees. Temporary local clouds and long periods of sunshine are expected in Thessaloniki. Winds will blow from north up to 3 Beaufort. The temperature in the city centre will range from -3 to 2 degrees.

Meteorologists have warned of the snowy weather that is forecast to last until Monday, January 18. They have also warned of heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms.