Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor separates Greek-French wife after 22 years! (photos)

Eve Mavrakis appeared without ring

Ewan McGregor’s estranged wife Eve Mavrakis made a low key appearance in Santa Monica on Sunday, where she was seen without a wedding ring on.
Eve’s outing comes at the same time it was reported the Star Wars actor has been ‘living apart from wife of 22-years’ with whom he shares four children.
McGregor, 46, separated from French production designer Eve, 51, in May, months before pictures of the actor ‘kissing’ Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a London restaurant emerged, People reported on Sunday.
That same day, Eve kept under the radar in a bucket hat and dark sunglasses as she ventured out for a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. The mom of four donned a white shirt and grey shorts for the hot Southern California day.


She carried a green water bottle and smart phone in her left hand, which was noticeably ringless. The production designer did glitz up her look with a hearty watch while counting her steps with a fitness tracker on the other wrist.

After her hike, the French born designer took a call, then headed off.
Eve and Ewan were married for 22 years before news of their separation emerged Sunday.

The couple met on the set of court drama Kavanagh QC in 1995, shortly before the Scottish star’s portrayal of heroin addict Mark Renton in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting won him international acclaim.