SYRIZA MP Katrivanou resigns over omnibus bill

Accuses party of abandoning its principles

Ruling SYRIZA party MP Vasiliki Katrivanou resigned as a member of the parliamentary group of SYRIZA, following her vote against two of the articles included in the omnibus bill, Monday at 1 am in the morning.

Katrivanou, who voted the bill on principle, voted against two articles, the controversial automatic mechanism cuts provision and the new state property privatisation Fund. She posted her letter of resignation on her Facebook page, accusing the party leadership of implementing policies and measures contrary to the its core principles. Her seat in parliament is expected to be filled by George Kyritsis. ‘Since September I feel the presence of a continuous custodian is being confirmed, leaving little breathing space for the exercise of policies, essentially negating any attempts to change our lives’, she points out in her latter.