Teacher runs for mayor of Italian city to make politics ‘sexier’

“With me the city will be much sexier” claims ‘the porno professor’

An Italian teacher dubbed “the porno professor” because of her revealing outfits has decided to run for mayor in the city of Pordenone in north-east Italy to make politics “sexier”.

Anna Ciriani, 47, teaches Italian language, history and geography at a night school for adults and she has earned her nickname because of the provocative clothes she wears and the photos she posts on social media, as The Sun mentions.


Ciriani announced her decision to run for mayor on her Facebook and Twitter accounts saying: “I want Pordenone to shake off the old politicians and adorn itself with new faces! With me the city will be much sexier! We have to make the city sexy and colourful! We just have to be united and determined!”

Her way of life, though, has caused reactions, while in 2007 she was suspended from her teaching job for walking almost completely naked in Berlin during an erotic fair.


Speaking of the suspension, she said: “I was suspended because I was walking naked in Berlin during the erotic fair; on a street where minors were forbidden to go. This I did in my private time.”

“Yet a teacher was filmed beating and spitting in the face of the children in a nursery. But she was only suspended for five months, it’s shameful! Who knows what psychological consequences this had for them.” she said.


After being suspended, Ciriani transferred to a night school for adults specializing in helping Muslim refugees to learn the Italian language and culture, while she has also written two books, one about Napoleon and another about World War II.