Teleia and Enosi Kentron bring surprise results

The two party outsiders performed better than expected

Two party outsiders in these elections are on the verge of passing the 3% threshold and entering Greek Parliament. These are:

  • Enosis Kentron (Union of Centrists), the party that strives to be the political continuation of centrist expression in Greece, headed by Vassilis Levendis
  • Teleia (Full Stop), the party that seeks to bring about moral regeneration, headed by actor/Stylida Mayor Apostolos Gletsos

Teleia has gathered a 1.7% of the votes and Enosis Kentron is at 1.9% with just 14.9% of results counted.

Teleia’s results are over 2% at A and B Piraeus and the rest of Athens, whereas Mr. Levendis has support at areas such as Serres, Xanthi and Samos.

In some electoral areas the two outsiders have left former prime minister George Papandreou’s Democratic Socialist Movement (KIDISO) lagging far behind.