Tensions rise between SYRIZA and ND over latest poll

Back and forth accusations between parties

The latest poll that shows opposition party New Democracy (ND) leading ruling SYRIZA by double digits and the expected announcements by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras from the annual Thessaloniki EXPO have flared up tensions between the two major Greek political parties. With the University of Macedonia poll reflecting growing discontent among the Greek electorate towards SYRIZA and recording a boost in ND leader Mitsotakis’s popularity, who leads in the question of popularity against his political opponent, Mitsotakis raised the tones calling on the Greek PM to resign if he could not handle the pressure. Mitsotakis said any further delays in Greece receiving the 2.8 billion Euros tranche would inevitably lead to the imposition of more harsh measures against the Greek public. ’Tsipras is unashamedly continuing to mock the Greek citizens’, Mitsotakis said. he continued by saying that the country could not afford to waste any more time on and relive the nightmare of a never ending round of negotiations with its creditors by an incompetent and ideologically biased government. Responding to the leader of the opposition party, government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili accused Mitsotakis of using fear mongering tactics as a recourse for his desperation. ‘The talks (with creditors) were on track and citizens did not take Mitsotakis seriously’, Gerovasili claimed. ‘He (Mitsotakis) is always seeking a chance to terrorise public opinion, discovering ‘boogie-men’ that only exist in the figment of his desires. He did it during the first negotiations and he is doing it again’, she said. ND hit back by saying that SYRZA should apologise to the Greek people for its lies, reminding the ruling party of the recent poll.