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The 5 names for FYROM proposed by UN negotiator Nimetz

Greek Foreign Ministry has not responded to news yet

Media from FYROM revealed the names put on the table by the UN special negotiator Matthew Nimetz during talks between the Greek and FYROM delegations in New York on the name dispute. Citing sources in New York, news site MKD.mk presented the names reportedly recommended by Mr. Nimetz:
– Republika Nova Makedonija/ Republic of New Macedonia
– Republic of North Macedonia
– Republic of Upper Macedonia
– Republic of Macedonia of Vardar
– Republic of New Macedonia (Skopje)

The Greek Foreign Ministry has not commented yet on the news.

  • RealTruth True

    There must not be “Macedonia” inside the name of newly FYROM matter, otherwise it will be again 10.000 years of unrest and nothing would be done to be friends and to live in peace! Nimitz doesn’t know shit about history nor he wants 2 countries to bury the battle axes. Stupid name propositions. It should be “Vardarska” and ethnicity called Vardarci and some .va or .vr internet domain.