The Adrianople court ordered that the two Greek soldiers be detained

The unfavorable development comes just hours after the Euro-Turkish summit…


The Turkish court in Adrianople refused on Tuesday a request filed again by the lawyers of the two imprisoned Greek military men for their conditional release.

The unfavorable development in the effort to liberate the two soldiers who were arrested by the Turkish army on March 1 in Kastanies at the Greek-Turkish borders comes just hours after the Euro-Turkish summit in Varna, Bulgaria.

“The Turkish judges will appreciate the issue in its correct dimension” was the answer given by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Jean-Claude Juncker when the President of the European Commission asked of him to exercise his influence so that the two Greeks military to be released as soon as possible to make Easter with their families.

Second lieutenant Mitretodis and Sergeant Kuklatzis remain incarcerated in Adrianople’s high-security prison for 27th day.