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The baritone cat! (hilarious video)

The deepest meow ever!

Don’t let this cat’s small stature fool you – he has a bass voice that would put Barry White to shame.
In a video filmed by the kitty’s owner, he’s just chilling on the kitchen counter.
Unsurprisingly, his ridiculously low voice has gone viral, with a lot of people wondering how it’s physically possible for such a tiny cat to produce such a noise.
Jack, as the cat is known, is told to say ‘hello’ by his laughing owner.
The owner wrote in the video’s description: ‘So this is Jack, and he has some sort of type of laryngeal paralysis?
‘At least that is what the vet told me.’
Racking up thousands of views, many were divided as to how the sound was actually made.
One claimed to be a zoologist who said that a ‘cat’s voicebox is pretty incapable of making a noise like that.’
But others hit back saying they simply didn’t even care if it was real or not, because they found it so damn funny.

source: metro.co.uk