The Greek regions that performed well and bad in tourism

Data from SETE and Bank of Greece

The regions of Greece that performed poorly in key tourism indicators such as revenues, overnight stays and visits included, western Macedonia, Central Greece and the Peloponnese. In contrast, the “winners” of the increase in tourists were the South Aegean, Crete, Attica and Central Macedonia, which achieved notably positive results in all three indicators. In should be noted that in the North Aegean, while there was a fall in revenues and visits, there was also an increase of overnight stays.
The data comes from the latest analysis of SETE Intelligence of the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises based on the figures of the Bank of Greece for the first half of 2017. Although the summer season, which accounts for about 60% of the country’s incoming tourist activity, is in the third quarter and is therefore not included in the above data, it is still of interest as it highlights the heterogeneity of tourist activity between the regions of the country

Revenue, visits and overnight stays

Travel revenue in the period January-June 2017 stood at €3.93 billion, with the regions below accounting for the main volume, 88.9% of the total: South Aegean Region (€921 million) (€ 806 million), the Region of Central Macedonia (€469 million) and the Ionian Islands Region (€395 million). In all other regions (Peloponnese, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, Western Greece, Central Greece, North Aegean and Western Macedonia), revenue amounted to €437 million.

changes per visit, overnight stay and length of stay

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In January-June 2017, travellers who visited Greece made a total of 9,025 thousand visits to the 13 regions of the country. This number is larger than the total inbound traffic, as a traveller can visit more than one region during his trip.

revenue per visit, overnight stay and average duration of stay


Overnight stays in Greece amounted to 58,513 thousand for the first half of 2017, with 86,8% of overnight stays in five Regions (South Aegean Region, Crete Region, Attica Region, Central Macedonia Region and Ionian Islands Region).

Average revenue

The average revenue per visit (+1%) appear slightly up compared to 2016 and per night (+1.9%), with the average length of stay down (-0.9%).

In the country as a whole, the average revenue per visit amounted to €435 per night at 67, while the average stay duration was 6.5 nights.