The Greek town where each house boasts its own private beach (VIDEO)

You can find just about everything you have ever dreamed of in Greece!


Squeezed between the mountains and the deep Corinthian Sea, the Greek town of Derveni, in the Peloponnese, is highlighted in a spectacular drone video.

One of its main characteristics is that its coastal houses and flats are flanked by the old national road to the south and have direct access to the pebbled seashore to the north.

Along its four kilometer (one mile) coastline, houses have direct and, mostly, private access to their own portion of the beach.

Derveni’s population stands at 1,080 (2011 census) but rises dramatically during the holiday season and many of the houses and flats are second residencies for people living mostly in Athens or Patras.

The northern coastline of the Peloponnese has been afflicted by erosion and sea level rises for many years.

In the region of Derveni, on Feb. 29 2012, generalized erosion of the coastal zone was observed on account of seabed subsidence along the coastline, damaging dozens of houses and business premises.

Source: Tasos Kokkinidis/greekreporter