The Guardian: Rakomelo in the top winter drinks

Perfect for the freezing weather

British news site The Guardian compiled a list of the best drinks to keep us warm during the freezing winters, with the traditional Greek beverage of “Rakomelo” making the top 10 list.
Rakomelo is a local drink that combines raki or tsipouro, two beverages high in alcohol, mixed with honey and spices, including cinnamon and other herbs.
It has a warm colour and taste and is produced many Greek islands, but primarily in Crete, with a few regions on the mainland alas making the hot drink.
It is served warm and is the must drink if you find yourself as ski resorts in Greece or freezing mountainous villages, while it also helps in combatting the common colds.

The resulting drink – its alcoholic kick mellowed by the sweetness – is served in small ceramic or glass pitchers and poured into miniature cups (a Mediterranean version of those used for sake) or shot glasses; it is meant to be sipped and enjoyed in good company”, as the piece in the Guardian writes

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