The swearing in of the new members of the government (PHOTOS)

The New Deputy Defence Minister Fotis Kouvelis refused to answer to any questions

The inauguration of the new members of the government in the Presidential Palace was completed after the mini-reshuffle announced on Wednesday afternoon.

“I assure in my honor that I will respect the Constitution and the laws and that I will serve the general interest of the Greek people,” was the oath given by the new members of the government.


Her move to her position as The new Deputy Minister of Education Meropi Jufi explained her feelings by saying “I was moved, but I did not cry”.

“I went back to my childhood years. I had tried to be the good student and then to respond to other roles”, said Mrs. Jupi.

A few minutes later the journalists also asked her husband Vangelis Makarios who, answered their questions and appeared confident that “she has all the skills needed and she will do very well”.


According to him “it has always been a goal, but I can not say I expected it”.

As for what she said to Mrs. Jufi, he revealed that “I told her she was rewarded for her entire course in her political and personal career”.

The New Deputy Defence Minister Fotis Kouvelis, whose name was the big surprise of the reshuffle made no comment at all.