This is the man Greek Olympic medalist Bekatorou alleged sexually abused her

He is the Vice President of the Sailing Federation

The vice-president of the Hellenic Sailing Federation, Aristidis Adamopoulos is the man who Olympic medalist in sailing Sofia Bekatorou was referring to in the shocking confessions that had sexually abused her in 1998.

Developments in the field of Greek sports are now taking the form of an avalanche after the shocking revelations of Sofia Bekatorou about the sexual abuse she suffered by a high-ranking and active member of the Hellenic Sailing Federation until today.

Other athletes have also come forward with similar incidents, however, the difference is that Bekatorou, before speaking publicly about the nightmare she experienced, had appeared before the prosecutor where she complained about the specific incident and named him.
The man behind the allegations is the current vice president of EIO and Head of the Sports Office, Superintendent of Central Greece (as stated on the official website of the Federation) who is also the representative of sailing in the Greek Olympic Committee !!!

Adamopoulos has been on the board of directors of EIO since the ’90s, like almost all the governors of the Federation and since June 1997 he has been acting vice president under the chairmanship of Antonis Dimitrakopoulos (this faction has 7 consecutive terms !!! ).

According to some reports, he was considering running as a candidate for president in the upcoming elections of the Federation, however, people with knowledge said that he had finally accepted to support the candidacy of Niki Anastasiou with him continuing as secretary. However, after the latest shocking developments, it should probably be considered unlikely that he will continue to play any role in any capacity.

Sofia Bekatorou on December 20, speaking to Marie-Claire, publicly revealed for the first time that she had been sexually abused by a member of the Federation.

It should also be noted that the vice-president of the Sailing Federation is also burdened by the complaint of Nikos Kaklamanakis who appealed to the EFIP (Fan Committee).