This is why the Dutch prefer Greece as a holiday destination for 2020 (survey)

The famous Greek hospitality is their main reason

The reasons Greece is one of the most preferred destinations for Dutch tourists were outlined in a survey carried out by

As the data of the site revealed based on more than 1,000 users, 28% of Dutch people choose Greece as a holiday destination in 2020 because of its sunshine, sea, and beaches.

According to the survey, what is particularly appealing to the Dutch visitors are the locals’ hospitality and good food, while they also said they enjoyed sipping a drink on the balcony of their chosen accommodation. The data showed that over 14% said they “voted” for Greece due to the famous Greek hospitality and 13% responded that Greek cuisine was their main reason for picking the country for their holidays.

The Dutch love strolling around under the sun and doing their shopping, while relaxing by the sea with a glass of ouzo, a cocktail or a Greek beer were also high on their list. They prefer traditional Greek cuisine as it was served in taverns rather than international dishes, and besides traditional dishes like moussaka and stew, they are gradually discovering and liking the more modern Greek cuisine with its appetizers and tidbits shared in plates among the party, as it allows them to take in a more complete culinary experience.