This Quantum theory says Time can flow backward

So many things are still waiting to be discovered…


Quantum physics throws all the rules of classical physics out the window. In the quantum world, particles can pass through solid walls, be in two places at once, and communicate over an infinite distance. And, if a handful of physicists are right, they can affect the past just as easily as they affect the future. That’s a theory known as quantum retrocausality, and researchers have good reasons to believe it’s true.

Don’t need no Entropy to ride this train

One of the fundamental oddities about quantum physics is the principle of superposition, which says that a particle exists in multiple states at once until it’s measured. That means that while classical physics deals in solid numbers, quantum mechanics deals in fuzzy probabilities. There’s an ongoing debate, however, about why that is: Is it that we just don’t have the right precision to understand the true states of individual particles, so they just look fuzzy, or is the reality of the quantum world that everything is fuzzy until it’s measured?

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