3 SYRIZA MPs sharply criticise choice of Pavlopoulos for president

MPs’ Kostas Lapavitsas, Dimitris Kodellas and Irene Sotiriou made their dissatisfaction known in writing

Three MPs of ruling SYRIZA sharply criticized the choice of conservative Propokis Pavlopoulos by their party leadership for the new president of the republic, although the trio “toed the party line” and voted for ex-minister anyway.

The trio of radical leftist MPs were Kostas Lapavitsas, Dimitris Kodellas and Irene Sotiriou, who stated in writing, after the vote by Parliament, that the specific candidacy does not serve the “change” that Greek people voted for.

Lapavitsas: “The new President of the republic should represent the left, should reject memorandums and be contemptuous of the old establishment, in accordance with the will of the people, as expressed in the Jan. 25 election.”

The “will of the people” translated into just more than 36% of the general vote for leftist SYRIZA, a percentage, however, that gave it nearly — but not quite — 50% of Parliament representation.

Kodellas: “The major change that our people desire finds no justification in the choice made for the president”.

Sotiriou: “The choice of Prokopis Pavlopoulos for president was not the right one.”