Top 10 Celebs and their natural… gifts

Quite a bit of objectification, in 2015…

Celebs across the world are known for specific talents, including their voice, acting abilities, dance moves, and beliefs. However, the most common one that everyone adheres to is the overly sexualized and demonstrated physical qualities of curves, eyes, and only once, the actual mind.


Below are US Website “TheRichest”‘s 10 top celebs as far as said characteristics go:


  1. Jen Selter: Buttocks


  1. Megan Fox: Eyes


  1. Kate Upton: Breasts


  1. Emma Watson: Style


  1. Scarlett Johansson: Lips


  1. Halle Berry: Nose


  1. Rihanna: Legs


  1. Jennifer Lopez: Hair


  1. Beyoncé: Curves


  1. Natalie Portman: Mind