Trilateral Greece-Cyprus-Israel meeting focused on gas pipeline and electricity cable

Cooperation between the three countries would advance “stability, security and prosperity” for their peoples, said Israel’s PM

The trilateral meeting of Greece-Cyprus-Israel took place in a cooperative and positive atmosphere, while Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described it as an historical meeting stressing that he does not use this word very often.

Mr. Netanyahu said the three countries were to form a trilateral committee to study plans to build a pipeline so as to effectively transport natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to Greece and Europe.

Also, Mr. Netanyahu said that they discussed plans for an underwater cable to connect the electricity grids of the three countries.
“We’re living through great turbulence,” Netanyahu said, referring to the multiple conflicts in the Middle East, as Times of Israel reported.

Growing cooperation between the three democracies would advance “stability, security and prosperity” for their peoples and the region at large, he added.

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiadis said that they all agreed that the three countries should act together to address the challenges stressing that the aim of the trilateral meeting is to preserve the peace in the Mediterranean through the cooperation of the countries.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras referred to the energy agreements and the Cyprus issue saying that Greece is looking forward to finding a solution to the problem without the anachronistic system of guarantees. He also said he is in favor of creating a Palestinian state and Israel’s closer cooperation with EU.