Tripadvisor: Zakynthos among 25 top trending destinations in the world

A location from India was the top trend

The Ionian island of Zakynthos was among Tripadvisor’s Top 25 Trending Destinations last year.

Zakynthos was in the 9th spot, while Cochi in India and Luzon in the Philippines occupying the top 2 places. Port closed off the top 3.

The destinations included in the list had the biggest spikes in top reviews and ratings last year.

The piece described the Greek island as follows:

The Ionian Islands are splendid, cinematic paradise. The waters are bluest blue, the sands are achingly silky and smooth. Everything looks heavily Photoshopped. But that’s just Mother Nature, in all her unspoiled glory. Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian Islands, and it’s as fruitful as it is beautiful, boasting a bounty of crops like olives and grapes. Music is a huge part of the local culture—you can catch a concert or festival almost any night of the week, and you’ll be captivated by the sights and sounds of Zakynthos performers.