Tsipras: All matters on EU future should be discussed after German and French elections

Greek PM said EU rules should apply for all member-states contrasting deficits in the south with surpluses in the north

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the meeting of the southern European countries of the EU, which had started in Athens was establishing a more permanent nature. Mr. Tsipras stressed the need for a series of issues to be put on the table of talks during a press conference in Madrid, like economic convergence, social cohesion, the issuing of a common European bond and European budget, as well as banking union with a guarantee of deposits. The Greek PM underlined the importance of alleviating economic inequality within the EU. “We discussed the need for Europe to overcome the economic crisis. And for that to happen inequalities must be overcome”, he stressed. Mr. Tsipras said that even though all parties had agreed to follow the rules within the EU, flexibility was also necessary, adding that all had to abide by the rules laid down. “The deficits in the south are surpluses in the European north. That contradiction must be resolved”, the Greek PM underscored. He went on by arguing that in order to reach the goals of exiting the crisis a substantive solution to the debt must be reached. The Greek PM said all the open matters could be discussed after the French and German national elections.