Tsipras cites contradiction in EU criticism of govt’s ‘humanitarian crisis’ bill

He said EU leaders, such as EP President Martin Schulz, accept that such a crisis exists in Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday reportedly defended his new government’s insistence on tabling a draft bill containing measures to alleviate what he calls a “humanitarian crisis” in the country.

The “humanitarian crisis” leitmotif was a recurring theme in the radical leftist party’s pre-election campaign.

According to government sources, Tsipras pointed out to EU leaders at a summit in Brussels on Thursday evening of a major contradiction in by some of his counterparts vis-à-vis his government.

He said EU leaders, such as EP President Martin Schulz at the same meeting, accept that a crisis exists in Greece and that funding must be funneled towards ameliorating its effects, whereas at the same time, high-profile criticism by other European leders claims relief measures constitute a “unilateral act” by Athens — in opposition to a recent deal with eurozone creditors.

“When you’re trying to salvage society and voting on a draft bill in Parliament for the humanitarian crisis, it’s a big contradiction for them to accuse you of taking a unilateral action,” he was quoted as saying, as per the same government sources.