Tsipras from Crete: 2nd review will close successfully

Greek PM presents his government’s plans for reconstruction of production in the country

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras admitted the country was experiencing tough economic times, but expressed hope that Greece’s talks with its creditors would lead to an agreement on the second review of the Greek program, during his speech in Heraklion, Crete, Tuesday night. Addressing a mistrustful crowd of farmers and producers during his 2-day visit on the island, the Greek PM presented his government’s plans for a full-scale reconstruction of production in Greece.

He went on to say that there would be no additional measures after the completion of the bailout program. “After that, and here I want in all cases to be absolutely clear, there are no more commitments and measures. This is a message that must be understood inside and outside the country. Our country’s sovereignty will  be restored. Supervision and the memorandums are ending,” Tsipras said.

“No-one had gifted us the money. It is money belonging to the Greek people, which is why we are returning it to the weakest”, Tsipras said on his decision to allocate part of the GDP surplus to pensioners. The Greek PM said the county’s lenders could demand things of Greece that were unattainable. “We are close to being included in the quantitative easing scheme and the solution that will pave the way for exiting the crisis”, he underlined. He highlighted, what he claimed was the encouraging data on the unemployment front, as it was “steadily dropping”.

The Greek PM also made reference to the spate of terror attacks across Europe, expressing the Greek people’s solidarity and support to the victims those affected. He said that the future of the world could only be safeguarded through democracy, tolerance and a dedication to peace and social cohesion.