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Tsipras from Serbia: Provocations unhelpful for Balkan common future

Serbian PM thanks his counterpart for stance on Kosovo issue

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras dubbed talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic “very constructive” during a meeting in Belgrade, Tuesday. Mr. Tsipras made reference to the special cultural, historical and spiritual ties between the two nations, adding that Greece supported the European prospect of the Balkan country. “We agreed on taking specific steps to further upgrade our collaboration”, he underlined. Commenting on the Balkan region and the challenges it faced, the Greek PM expressed his concerns over a rise in nationalistic and expansionist voices. Mr. Tsipras went on to say that a mutually accepted solution to the Kosovo matter was imperative for peace and stability in the region, adding that Greece remained unwavering on the issue as a matter of principle. “We look forward to further strengthening relations with Serbia, which is a strategic choice for us”, he added. On his part, Mr. Vucic thanked Greece for not recognising the independence of Kosovo as well as the government’s support for Serbia’s EU prospect.