Tsiprology: See the sketch with shades of Tsipras that has gone viral!

A mocking Warhol-inspired illustration of Greece’s Radical Left Wing PM Alexis Tsipras that has gone viral

Greece’s new PM Alexis Tsipras has captured everybody’s attention…  He moved from a simple flat into Maximos Mansion, the traditional home of any Greek Prime Minister, and wasted no time turning it into Marxism Mansion, refusing to take an oath on the bible or wear a tie. People either love him for sticking to his guns or loathe him for breaking with Greek tradition and being a risk-taker.

The elite Greek community are terrified, the riot police are now governed by the man they once chased and hurled tear gas at, EU bureaucrats are in a numb state of denial and devout avid churchgoers view the man who refuses to have a church wedding or baptize his children as the Anti-Christ himself…

Below is a cartoon that’s going viral on the internet. Pick a sketch that shows how you view Tsipras and then find out who you are?