Tsitsipas defeated, deflated, dashed: Nadal “makes you play bad” (video)

Win or lose, the Greek community feel nothing but pride for the young man who put his heart and soul into the game


The 20-year-old hailed as the next big star of tennis following his victory against Roger Federer was deflated following the crushing defeat to Rafael Nadal in just three sets.

Sitting at the press conference after an amazing week of highs, Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke with his chin slumped to his hands, finding little consolation in the recognition that he had received for having come so far in the Australian Open.

“Honestly, I have no idea what I can take from that match. It felt like a different dimension of tennis completely. He has this talent that no other player has. He makes you play bad. That’s definitely not the way I wanted to leave from the tournament,” said the 20-year-old player.

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