Turkey is building a military installation opposite Imia! (PHOTOS)

Erdogan: “The Greeks were unfortunately surprised once again”

A military installation on the small island of Cavus, near Imia, is being constructed by Turkey after the serious incident that occurred on Tuesday morning when a Turkish Coast Guard ship rammed a vessel of the Hellenic Coast Guard.


The Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet in its electronic version publishes photos from Gümüşlük Beach, where the works have started.

In particular, as described in the captions of the photographs, according to the exclusive report of Cumhuriyet, a camp is being built on the island of Cavus.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated regarding the incident in Imia: “The Greeks were unfortunately surprised once again. The Greek ships come and go at Imia. From the beginning, we had told the Greeks not to do such things. They will put us in…trouble. Of course, our Armed Forces did their duty again last night”.