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Turkey tests new long-range missile

Provocations continue

Turkey is escalating its provocations in the eastern Mediterranean region by projecting its new military hardware. Ankara launched the new long range Khan missile system with a 280km range. The test was carried out in the region if Sinop on the northern side of the Black Sea coast. “This [Turkey developing its own missiles] fills us with confidence and pride,” said the Turkish Defense Minister The test of Turkey’s first “national” missile, nicknamed “Kahn”, was completed in the province of Sinope in the Black Sea region, the Turkish Defense Minister, Fikri Isik announced Thursday. The show of power by Erdogan coupled with Turkey’s almost daily barrage of violations against Greek airspace over the Aegean Sea are of great concern to Greece. Only today, Turkish aircraft made 40 violations of the national airspace in the Aegean, and there was also a dogfight. At the same time, Hulusi Akar, the Turkish Chief of General Staff visited the Acropolis.
The Bora rocket was developed by Roketsan. It has a caliber of 610mm and a range of 280km. The system has an effective firepower as it can carry a 470kg head and a state-of-the-art navigation system.