Turkey: We took the Greek flag down after informing Greek authorities

Tensions escalating between two countries

The Turkish media is presenting an alternative scenario regarding the lowering of the Greek flag on a rocky island in the Aegean Sea, a matter that gained attention after provocative statements by Turkish PM Binali Yildirim.

According to Hurriyet, Turkish authorities became aware of a flag on a rocky isle on Friday and immediately informed the Greek authorities of the incident via all the appropriate communication channels on Saturday.

The report continues by claiming that after the Greek side did not respond to the information, Turkish special forces of the coast guard (SAT) landed on the islet on Sunday and lowered the Greek flag.

Meanwhile, the revelations by samostimes.gr news site reporter Michalis Svarnas that the Greek coast guard had prevented him from approaching the rocky island of Anthropofagos and Mikros Anthropofagos on Monday have caused a row in the Greek domestic front.

“At a distance of 500 meters from the rocky islets, we were detected by two boats in the harbour, they approached us, they asked us to lower our speed to talk with us, and they asked us who we are … We said we are heading to the rocky islands to capture some footage on video capture and photography, but not to disembark on them. They courteously asked us to leave the region and that this is not allowed”, the journalist told Greek station Skai TV.