Turkey’s Covid-19 infection rate rising fastest in the world: The Guardian

The crisis has deepened the divide in the country

An article in British news outlet Guardia says Turkey is recording the fastest rate of Covid-19 virus infection in the world. The piece stresses the number of infections is rising by over 3,000 pr day and has already reached 30,217, even though the reported fatalities of 649 are lower than other countries.

From the Guardian:

Turkey’s number of coronavirus infections is increasing by more than 3,000 a day, reaching 30,217 since the first case was confirmed four weeks ago.

Reported fatalities remain much lower than other badly hit countries, at 649, but the infection figures suggest Turkey has the fastest rising number of confirmed cases in the world.

President Recep Tayip Erdoğan, usually no stranger to heavy-handed tactics, has resisted calls by doctors’ unions and opposition politicians to order people to stop going to work and stay home, insisting that the “wheels of the economy must keep turning”.

Turkey is still recovering from a 2018 currency crash, leading economists and policymakers to fear a coronavirus-induced recession is inevitable.

The government has gradually increased measures to combat the virus, including the suspension of international flights, border crossings and travel between cities, a ban on public gatherings and communal prayer, and the closing of schools and most shops.

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