Turkish Air Force violates Greek airspace 110 times! Six dogfights with HAF ensued

14 Turkish aircraft were armed

Turkey is escalating its provocations against Greece, as the Turkish Air Force violated Greek airspace a total of 110 times in the Northeast Central and Southeast Aegean, while the surge in activity resulted in six dogfights between Turkish and Greek fighter jets.

The Turkish aircraft (30 F-16, two F-4 and three CN-235) also committed 35 air traffic infringements of the Athens FIR.

Earlier, Turkish fighters also conducted massive flyovers over the Greek islands of Kastellorizo, Ro, and Inousses

As the Hellenic National Defence General Staff reported of the 35 Turkish aircraft that illegally flew over the Aegean Sea, the 14 were armed!

The crescendo of the Turkish provocations came after Thursday morning’s statement by Turkey’s Minister of Defence, Hulusi Akar, who said the Turks “would defend their blue nation and will not relinquish its people’s rights in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.”

Greek fighter jets scrambled and identified and intercepted the Turkish violators, in accordance with international rules of engagement.