Turkish coast guard boat attempts to ram Greek vessel in Chios

Turkish boat was in Greek national waters

In the latest of a series of Turkish provocations against Greece, a Turkish coast guard boat entered Greek national waters near the island of Chios on Holy Wednesday harassed the Greek vessel. According to local news site politischios.gr, a little after 10 am the Turkish coast guard boat violated Greek the waters in the region close the islet of Paspargos off the coast of Chios as a rescue operation of about 40 refugees was in progress by a vessel of the Greek coast guard. The Turkish vessel, which had initially failed to prevent the dinghy with the refugees from entering the Greek waters, crossed into the Greek side once the rescue operation was underway and employed dangerous maneuvers. At one point, as the operation was in progress the Turkish boat attempted to ram the Greek vessel.

The crew of the Greek boat managed to safely collect the refugees.