Turkish Defence Minister indirectly threatens Greece over the status quo in the Aegean Sea

He said Turkey had taken all necessary measures to protect its interests in the wider region

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar made indirect threats against Greece over the status in the Aegean Sea and the rights of his country to defend what he perceives as the national interests in the wider region in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
As Anadolu News Agency reports, he added that Turkey expects everyone to empathise with developments in the Aegean Sea and it should not be provoked.
Akar said Turkey’s foreign policy was based on peace, friendship and good relations with neighbours.
“However, we will not allow a fait accompli, we want everyone to know that we will do whatever necessary in line with self-defence and international laws,” referring to possible hostilities in the surrounding seas.
He went on to say that Turkey had already taken all measures to defend its interest in the “blue homeland”.