Turkish Deputy PM Bahceli threatens Greece

Erdogan accuses US of double standards on S-400 deal with Russia citing Greece and its S-300

The Leader of the ultra nationalist party movement (MHP) in Turkey and deputy Turkish PM, Devlet Bahceli direct;y threatened Greece in an interview claiming that Turkey was running out of patience. The head of the nationalist movement or “Grey Wolves”, as it is known, which is in the Turkish government accused Greece of occupying 15 Turkish islands, while he also referred to the military Turkish victory in 1922, when Turkish forces violently pushed out hundreds of thousands of Greeks living in the coastal areas of Asia Minor, which came to be known as the Minor Asia disaster in Greece. “Yesterday we celebrated the 94th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne. Lausanne is a political and diplomatic triumph. The Sevres Treaty was torn and discarded from the negotiating table“, he said. He went on to say that the visit by the President of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos to the island in the Aegean Sea was a provocation. “Fifteen islands of the Aegean were illegally and unfairly occupied. I condemn the stance of Greece, which is not in keeping with the law of good neighbourhood. ” Mr. Bahceli warned that if anyone wanted to be thrown back into the sea (in a clear historical reference to the Minos Asia war in 1922) Turkey would detect them and do it. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted Greece for having the S-300 missile defence system during a speech in parliament regarding Turkey’s supply of the upgraded version of the system the S-400. “Greece as member of NATO has been for many years using the S-300. Why are the US concerned?”, he said.