Turkish man ties teen daughter to back of moving van! (video)

He did not explain why he did it

An unbelievable video from Turkey has been making the rounds on the Internet showing a young woman tied to the back of a van moving on a road!

The video, which was shot by another driver, went viral in Turkey and occurred in the Cankiri Yayalakent area, as reported by Hurriyet. Following its publication, the authorities arrested the owner of the car.
After his deposition in court, which laid several charges against him, the driver, named K. Idris, was released under restrictive conditions. Speaking to the Turkish media, the man revealed the woman was his 13-year-old daughter but did not explain why he had done it.
He said he and his family were visiting relatives for a holiday in the nearby village of Kurban Bayram and decided for unspecified reasons to tie his daughter to the back rack of the van, which as he explained was safe and very stable!