Turkish media: Greek soldiers entered 253 metres into Turkish soil

Mobile phones of two soldiers sent to Ankara for inspection

As the two Greek soldiers are in the cells of Adrianople’s top security prisons, waiting for the digital checking of their mobile phones to conclude, citing news agency Dogan, Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, publishes an article claiming that the investigation showed that the two soldiers had entered 253 metres into Turkish territory.
Dogan used a headline reading “[they] crossed the border by 253 meters”. Neither Turkish news outlets present any source for the information.

The two soldiers, 29-year-old first lieutenant Angelos Mitretodis and 25-year-old sergeant, Dimitris Kouklatzis, learned yesterday that their request to be released from prison until their trial was rejected by the Turkish court, meaning they will remain incarcerated until a trial date is set.

Graphic of their path, according to the Turkish media


Earlier today, Milliyet and Yeni Safak had revealed that the mobile phones of the two had been sent to the Military Police headquarters in Ankara in order for Turkish authorities to ascertain whether the two had attempted to destroy any data-evidence before they were arrested by a Turkish border patrol. If the Turkish authorities find any proof the two soldiers tampering with data on their mobile devices, this could support charges of espionage.

This is where the incident occurred